Major Programs

Community School Management Committee Federation of Nepal (SMC Federation) will implement the following programmes on 3 major issues, within 5 year period i.e. Good Governance Campaign in Schools, the Campaign on Capacity Enhancement of SMCs, SZOP Campaign for the protection and promotion of child rights in community schools.

Policy Advocacy

  • The advocacy for improvement of education bylaw, Community schools promotion policies, Community schools handover programme, School improvement plan, School as Zone of Peace Campaign, Implementation of national plan, policies guidelines and so on.
  • Regular interactions for quality education, workshops and special programmes on Extra Curriculum Activities.
  • Developing Joint Code of Conduct and provision of awards for the promotion of good governance at community schools.
  • Developing websites to the community schools of their own with regular updates.
  • Publication of Special School Bulletins: Our School- A Model School.

Capacity Enhancement

  • Preparation of a specific manual for Good Governance Campaign in Schools, Capacity Enhancement of SMCs and School as Zone of Peace campaign in schools.
  • Orientation and Capacity building training for community school management committees, and their role, obligations and responsibilities.
  • Managerial and Accounting training for effective school management.
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Target Groups

  • Community School Management Committees
  • Students of the Community Schools
  • Guardians and Teachers of Community Schools