Major Objectives

  • Institutional development by establishing good governance system at community schools.
  • Making responsible and efficient management committees with improved managerial skills and capability.
  • Establishing ‘School as a Zone of Peace’ as a common campaign at community schools.

Action Strategies

  • Help implement the directives, guidelines and policies of Ministry and Department of Education as well as to make the School Management Committees effective, efficient and accountable.
  • Enhance the leading role of School Management Committees through various orientations, capacity building trainings, study tour programmes for the institutional development and good governance at community schools.
  • Initiate lobby and advocacy for the formation of up to date policy and strategy among Community Schools in collaboration with Teachers, Students, Parents, Parent-Teacher Associations (PTA), Donor Agencies, District Education Committees, District Education Offices, Department of Education, Village Education Committees to ensure sustainable resources to and development of government community schools.
  • To form policy, strategy, rules and regulations for enhancement of unity, transparency, effectiveness and good governance as well as institutional development among community schools throughout the country.
  • To work as a facilitator for implementation of long-term strategies and plans (including School Sector Reform Plan and Early Childhood Development Plan) of the government for ensuring ‘Quality Education for All’ as envisaged by the millennium development goal.
  • To collaborate with likeminded Organizations, Government, Donor Agencies and Private Institutions for enhancement of quality education, development of Good Governance system ensuring the notion of School as A Zone of Peace (SZOP) among the

Major Theme

  • Good Governance at Community School Campaign
  • Capacity Building of Community School Management Committees
  • School as Zone of Peace (SZOP) Campaign