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Dear All,

ommunity School Management Committee (SMC Federation) is the one and only legal umbrella organization of the School Management Committees, established in 2013 AD, to unite and empower almost 34 thousands community schools and their SMC Members scattered throughout the nation. Its head office is located at Babarmahal, Kathmandu. Currently, SMC Federation is working for uniting all the SMC Members of different districts throughout the country for regulating and sharing common problems faced by the SMC Members in different schools. The district committee is monitored by the Regional Committee and the regional committees are regulated by the Central Committee. These committees are active in supporting on developing educational policy by providing constructive inputs to the state, implementing the developed educational policies on the ground level and regulating and monitoring day to day activities of the schools.

The community schools running under the direct support of Nepal Government have shown less effective performance in terms of pass percentage, the rate of learning achievement and on the overall management of the schools. There is a lack of trust among the people living in the catchment areas of the community schools because of the meager academic achievements. Though there is the system of Nepal Government for regular supervision and monitoring of the schools, performance of the actions has been so far insignificant. Moreover, there is a provision of SMC for monitoring and supervision, ensuring the quality and managing overall environment of the schools, the committees are unable to show effective performance due to lack of capacity, skills and inexperience. Because of the ignorance of SMC members, the entire schools are unable to show effective performance as per the goal and vision set by the National Education Policy. In this critical scenario, the community schools are lacking good governance, ownership and public support. Thus, the teaching-learning environment in the community schools has been seriously hindered also due to the political disturbances on the other hand.

Therefore, it has been essential to address and overcome the problems apparently observed in the community schools for a better academic performance and educational environment for a better future of the nation. The SMC Federation is all set to move with different programmes for SMC-PTA (Parent Teachers’ Association) Empowerment, Capacity Building, Establishing Good Governance System in schools and adopting an effective school supervision system by mobilizing and sensitizing students, teachers, parents and the entire community. This campaign ultimately aims to enhance ownership of the schools among the community people and ensure the qualitative as well as quantitative performance of the community schools.

Thus, we urge all the concerned National and International Organizations involved in educational sector in Nepal for result oriented collaboration and partnership with SMC Federation for strengthening and empowering the community schools. We believe our joint efforts will definitely contribute for building capacity of the SMC-PTA, enhancing community leadership and ownership on the school management and good governance system in the community schools which will ultimately promote quality education in the nation.

Thank you !

Krishna Thapa


Community School Management Committee Federation of Nepal (SMC Federation)

Babarmahal, Kathmandu, Nepal

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