School Management Committee Federation of Nepal (SMC Federation) has been established as the common umbrella organization for approximately 30 thousand community school management committees with their full involvement. It is non-profitable and service oriented organization. The organization has formally been registered at the District Administration Office, Kathmandu, under the Social Organization Act 2034 B.S. on the recommendation of the Ministry of Education (MoE), Department of Education (DoE), District Education Office (DEO) and District Development Committee (DDC).

The SMC Federation is extending its 5 year long-term strategic plan with three major objectives like Good Governance Campaign in School, School Management Committee (SMC) Capacity Building Campaign and campaigning School as a Zone of Peace throughout the country in collaboration with Ministry and Department of Education, District Education Committees as well as other like-minded organizations including NGOs and INGOs.


Developing effective, accountable and skilled management committee by establishing Good Governance System among Community School Management Committees throughout the country


Mobilization and capacity enhancement of Community School Management Committees through lobby, advocacy and campaigns.


To ensure peace, good governance, accountability and capacity enhancement among School management committees for quality education at community schools.


The Federation will cover all the community schools and their Management Committees of 75 districts throughout the country..


Establishing ‘School as a Zone of Peace’ as a common campaign at community schools.